Engeye is a non-profit organization that empowers the people of Ddegeya Village in rural Uganda. We accomplish this mission by supporting health care, education, and community development initiatives.


Engeye strives to be a model for international partnership that enables  individuals, families and communities to achieve their full potential through access to compassionate healthcare, quality education, and economic opportunity. We envision thriving communities and lives transformed through the power of their own enterprise.

Core Values

Implicit to every project that we undertake is the understanding that it will ultimately be sustainable and that it will be accomplished free of the imposition of any foreign political or spiritual values. 

3 Year Vision


•  Enhance the local clinic governance.  We plan to build stakeholders with a community board, ensuring that we continue to support our dedicated staff and listen to their ideas, and by working towards mobile outreach.

•  Advance prevention and primary care.  This includes malaria education, dentistry, antenatal care (including STD and malaria testing, and ultrasonography), reproductive health care services and pediatrics (including vaccines, clean water, assessing and addressing malnutrition).

•  Expand clinic hours.  Illness doesn’t stop at nightfall. We want to ensure that Engeye is there when it counts.

•  Improve Sustainability.  Engeye Health Clinic, its staff and the people it serves, will never be fully empowered until they are no longer dependent on donations from abroad.  We are working together to develop sustainability projects that will further enable the clinic to stand on its own.  Patient contributions currently fund approximately 50% of the cost to run the clinic.


•  To increase educational opportunities through primary school scholarships at local village schools

•  To assist the local primary schools by offering resources that will help provide quality educational opportunities

•  To provide scholarship opportunities for secondary and post secondary education opportunities

•  To facilitate a close, long-term connection between the students and their sponsors in the individual student sponsorship program

•  To research and develop sustainable income projects for the families of the village