Engeye Scholars

Susan with John Kalule

The Engeye Scholars program was inspired by the courage and strength of Susan
Nabukenya.  Susan was a young Ugandan girl who journeyed to the U.S. for life-saving
surgery at the Boston Shriners Burn Unit.  Prior to receiving medical treatment, Susan
had been forced to drop out of school and she had lost hope for her future.

Through Engeye and its supporters, Susan not only obtained medical treatment for her injuries, but she returned to Uganda and was enrolled in school for the first time in four years.  The friends she met during her stay in America were so inspired by her courage, that they made a commitment to fund her boarding school tuition upon her return to Uganda.

Unlike her shy, previous self, Susan now walks with confidence, is a leader among her
peers and has revitalized her goals to work in health care.  The education instilled a sense of hope and determination.

From Susan’s experience grew a desire to help other children in Ddegeya Village.  Seeing how influential education was for Susan, and how relatively affordable it was, supporters wanted to provide the same gift of hope for others.

Engeye Scholars currently has 24 students in its individual sponsorship program. The Scholars program also works on specific projects to improve local schools, expand general educational opportunities in the community, clean water initiatives and sustainability and income-generating projects.