Engeye Scholars Projects

The Engeye Scholars program is currently involved in various project areas. Please check out the projects below and consider making a donation to help us with these life changing endeavors.


Engeye Scholars recently initiated the Engeye Artisans program to provide women in the village with the means to earn income for their families. We are currently seeing the benefit of that program and have many Artisan products to share.


You can give a life saving resource to children and families in rural Uganda – CLEAN and SAFE WATER! The goal of the campaign is to raise the necessary funds to fund the drilling of wells, repair water pumps and other related projects, which would help supply students and villagers with clean, safe water sources. You can help by donating or by initiating your own school, church or community campaign to support their cause. Cleaner water = healthier children.  


  • Hosted a New Year Holiday Party for over 1,200 village children
  • Maintain a Sponsorship program for 24 individual students
  • Arranged for Five sponsored students to visit sponsors in the US
  • Developed Artisan Program to provide income for local women and support for Scholars programs
  • Created Engeye Scholars Center with library, tutoring services and space for Artisan workers/li>
  • Maintain and repair village Bore Holes to provide greater access to water
  • Provided tutoring and educational assistance on clinic property for students and local children