Visitation Day at St. Gertrude and Sydney Paul Primary Schools

By Julie Collura

Photos by Julie Collura

Visitation Day – a day on which school officials invite parents and special guests to visit – is an important event for Ugandan schools. This past weekend, I attended Visitation Day at the two village schools where I am teaching this summer. On Friday, June 28, at St. Gertrude Primary School, the day began with a morning mass; speeches by the school’s leadership followed. The school choir entertained us with song and dance. Then the guest of honor, Ugandan Parliament Member, Nakabira Gertrude, gave an encouraging speech to the students and parents, in which she pledged to support the school’s plan to install solar energy panels on all buildings. Local Councilwoman Bukenya Jane also spoke.

 After lunch on the school grounds, parents and guardians visited the classrooms and received reports from their children’s teachers. Engeye Scholar Catherine said, “This day is special because we get to eat and drink as much as we want!” When asked how she felt, Primary Seven student, Resty, exclaimed, “I feel excellent because our families are here!”The day’s activities concluded with netball and football matches between the St. Gertrude’s staff and the parents. The parents were victorious in both matches, and everyone – parents, teachers, students, and special guests – enjoyed a grand time.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Visitation Day at Sydney Paul Day and Boarding Primary School occurred last Sunday, 30 June. Parents visited their respective student’s classroom and received progress reports from the teachers. Then, the nursery class students performed songs and dances on the assembly hall stage. A hearty lunch buffet was served in the school courtyard. Engeye Scholars and their families gathered to eat in a small, grass-roof hut, commonly referred to as “the mushroom,” given its shape and color. Every student and parent received a soda provided by John Kalule.

Following lunch, the older students presented their songs on stage. As at St. Gertrude, parents, friends, teachers, and students enjoyed a special day together.