Engeye Maternity Center Project




In August 2017 construction began on Engeye’s Maternity Center. The first building, the birthing center, will be complete by the end of December! Furnishing the building with necessary equipment and supplies will begin once construction is complete. We are very excited to see this dream become a reality and cannot thank our donors enough for making it possible.

Construction of the tri-plex housing unit for the midwives will be next. We look forward to sharing our progress on that phase of the project and ultimately the news of when we are ready to hire midwives and begin changing the way babies are born in Ddegeya.



Engeye Health Clinic has provided compassionate, patient-centered health care to a loving and deserving community for the past 10 years. Staying true to the principles of respect, increasing and improving access to primary health care and prevention, and community development, Engeye has truly changed Ddegeya and Central Uganda forever.


Women in Uganda have the 5th highest birth rate in the world.  Sixteen Ugandan women a day die in childbirth, and 76 newborns in every 1000 do not reach the age of one. Most births take place at home or in understaffed and undersupplied government facilities. To help reduce these statistics in Central Uganda, Engeye is embarking on an ambitious and exciting project to build and professionally staff a 24 hour Maternity Center adjacent to our existing clinic.

Engeye is planning for eventual delivery of potentially several hundred babies per year. The installation of these services will work towards eradicating infant and maternal mortality, increase access to family planning methods, provide Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) drugs to HIV/AIDS infected mothers, and raise immunization rates among newborns in a large and underserved community. Engeye will proudly provide the same respect and dignity to its maternity center patients that it is known for in its primary care clinic.



In order to facilitate this new program, and prepare for the projected number of births that will take place at Engeye, two new buildings will be built. The first is a spacious birthing center, that will allow for three women to labor in private, and three recovery beds. There will be a shower room, a storage room, a waiting room, and a room for the on-duty midwife to rest between deliveries.

The second building is a tri-plex housing unit for the three midwives that will be hired to staff the center. Several years ago Engeye embarked on a staff housing project that allows each Engeye employee to live in an individual, safe, and comfortable environment on the Engeye property at no cost. Due to its very rural location, providing housing allows Engeye to attract and retain great staff members.  John Kalule, the Engeye Ugandan Director, has fostered an uniquely close and supportive community of employees that are hard working and loyal to the organization. He has done this by treating them with dignity and respect, the same values he expects from them as they treat patients in the clinic. Providing midwives with housing allows them to be near the birthing center and part of the incredible group that is the Engeye staff.



  • Total budget: $120,000
  • Maternity center: $55,000
  • Tri-plex for 3 midwives: $30,000
  • Equipment for maternity center:  $10,000
  • Initial inventory purchase and other start-up costs:  $5,000
  • Three years of operating costs: $20,000


Engeye will raise $120,000 to construct all buildings, purchase necessary supplies and medicine, and satisfy operating costs for the first three years (salaries, medicine, transportation, etc.) as we work toward making the Center self-sustaining. As of May 2017, we are within $10,000 of our goal!


Engeye’s Maternity Center will change the way babies are born in the surrounding community.  Women will be given comprehensive family planning information.  Babies will be vaccinated early. Engeye’s strong partnerships with several academic institutions in the United States will provide ongoing training and educational opportunities for the midwives and Engeye staff. Engeye plans to expand these existing collaborative partnerships with several US based residency programs to include training, support and education in maternal and child care. This level of training is not available in Ddegeya or any of the surrounding communities. This one project will dramatically change the lives of women and families in the area, and continue to help the village take care of itself. Please donate to this important project today. Help change the incredible corner of the world that is Engeye!