Alexis Deeb

Alexis “Biz” Deeb graduated from Union College with a B.A. in English and Political Science with a minor in Psychology. She was a Union College Minerva Fellow at Engeye in 2012-13. During Biz’s fellowship, she worked at the Engeye Health Clinic and taught English at St. Gertrude Primary School. While a fellow, Biz oversaw projects for Engeye’s partnership with 50 Cents Period. Biz helped to establish a Women’s Circle and Girl Power program for female health clinicians and students, focusing on reproductive health, family planning, HIV, birthing and other health issues for which there is little education. She also spent time assisting with the Engeye Craft Cooperative project working alongside several talented women in Ddegeya.

Biz was a member of the Scholars/Education Committee from 2014-2016. Biz now resides in Albany, NY and works at her former High School, The Albany Academies, as a Marketing and Communications Associate. She is extremely happy to be a part of the Engeye family and to be able to share this beautiful place with so many remarkable people.