After Seven Years, Engeye Grounds Finally Receive the Attention They Deserve

By: ‘Biz’ Alexis Deeb

Photographs by Biz Deeb and John Kalule

When it rains in Ddegeya Village, it pours – buckets. The clouds roll in, the sky turns a dark blue and the rain falls at an intense rate. This brings richness to the earth and vitality to the farmers of Ddegeya, but it has been a hardship for the Engeye living quarters. The bedrooms would quickly flood as rains trailed down the muddy path, streamlining for the bunkhouse door entrance.

(Before & during landscape updates – click to enlarge images)





Thanks to the strategic planning and hard work of long-term volunteer, Joe Freeman, water-logged bunkhouses are no longer a problem. With Eddie Mbaziira and other Engeye staff, Joe worked tirelessly, building bricks by hand, and landscaped the entire compound surrounding the clinic. Paths now connect each bunkhouse to the clinic, kitchen, and latrine, which previously turned into a muddy mess during the rainy season.  Joe’s wife, Kathy Chang, helped in this endeavor by planting flowers and greenery along the brick pathways, adding colorful new life around the outdoor patient waiting area. Now, when the rains come, we are happy to have them water our new gardens – not our bunkhouses!