We take our responsibility to the environment seriously.

Waste disposal is a facet of health care that few ponder, but a topic we’ve come to intimately understand.  In an effort improve Engeye Health Clinic’s disposal of waste, a small-scale incinerator was built.

Engeye Clinic resides in a village where the primary method for disposing of waste is via fire – simply burning a pile of rubbish every couple weeks.  No weekly garbage truck that drives by and collects curb side waste nor any organized recycling.  Improper destruction of sharps has the potential not only for re-use of syringes resulting in illnesses like HIV or hepatitis, but also accidental needle sticks in small children playing nearby.  In order to safely dispose of material soiled with bodily fluids, as well as sharps, we had to get creative.

Initially we installed a large metal incinerator built with an enormously long smoke stack that looked very similar to a giraffe (images to the right).

Over the years this incinerator corroded and we learned that safer and more environmentally friendly models existed.  We enforce best use practices to minimize dioxins, furans, particulate matter and other toxic air pollutants.

In an effort toward waste reduction, after thorough cleaning and only when safe to do so, we reuse specimen containers, ensure all employees have reusable water bottles, reuse patient drinking cups and minimize general garbage when possible.