New Sterilization Room and Scholars Storage Space

Written By: Kathy Chang

We are continuously grateful for the donated supplies and meaningful contributions directed toward both Engeye Scholars and Engeye Clinic.  We use these donations to better serve our patients and the eager students around us, while simultaneously working to improve and develop our infrastructure.

We recently tackled a project that has been a long time coming – Engeye’s main clinic building.  This structure has a large, open design and is positioned in the center of the Engeye compound, enabling it to serve many functions.  Most importantly, this space has been essential for carrying out patient care.

Over time, however, the primary clinic , which is well-secured, became a storage unit for various materials.  This added clutter to a once inviting space, and patient visits, increasingly cramped, gradually moved to the second building, where there is the benefit of private exam rooms, but insufficient space for the many villagers who frequent the clinic.

In order to overcome the lack of space, we collaborated and two significant improvements resulted: First, in the blueprints for the second staff house, we added a storage room that can safely store construction supplies and other materials.   We also hired a local builder to partition off two new rooms on the east wall of the central building.   One of these new rooms,   immediately adjacent to the solar battery bank, will become the Scholar’s supply closet.  Second, a sterilization “clean” room was constructed – complete with plumbing and dust-free cabinets – for washing, sterilizing, and storing procedural instruments.  With these crucial changes in place, we will be able to use the steam sterilizer and complimentary equipment that were donated by the OHSU visiting team in an area that fits its purpose.

Additionally, our sponsored Engeye Scholars students and other neighborhood kids will be able to check out supplies in an orderly fashion from the well-organized storeroom made just for them!