Albany Medical College | AMC

Engeye is thrilled with its Albany Medical College Family Medicine Residency partnership. AMC sponsored the first medical mission trip in 2007 and officially opened the doors of Engeye Health Clinic.

A caring group of faculty, residents, staff and medical students have developed strong ties with Engeye Health Clinic and Engeye Scholars. After each mission trip, AMC solicits feedback and strategizes with the Engeye Board of Directors to improve protocols and treatment plans for future medical mission trips. The AMC teams strive to provide valuable global health experiences for faculty, residents and students while providing compassionate, culturally sensitive care to the patients; there is a focus on education to bring lasting local value. The partnership also supports programs that enhance educational opportunities and public health projects in Ddegeya Village.


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This video highlights Engeye’s long and important connection with Albany Medical College and features photographs from many of the medical missions over the past six years. Thank you Albany Medical College for your early and continuing support of the Engeye Health Clinic!

Video arranged by Theresa Weinman of Albany Medical College