Union College Minerva Fellows

Started in 2009 by Union College Assistant Dean Tom McEvoy and Professor of Economics, Hal Fried, The Minerva Fellow program was born.

The Minerva Fellows are a select group of graduating seniors from Union College who are given a scholarship to embark on a nine month journey at a location across the world, one of which is Engeye.  The unique project advances graduating seniors’ horizons and pushes the limits of how they can affect change across the globe.

Follow along with our past and current Minerva Fellows’ journey via their blogs written while living in Uganda.

2015-2016  |  Joe Hinderstein  &  Charlotte Bloom

2014-2015  |  Ilyena Kozain  & Billy Philips

2013-2014  |  Ben Weiner  & Rogan Quinn

2012-2013  |  Alexis (Biz) Deeb

2011-2012  |  Brendan Kinnane  &  Mark O’Shea

2010-2011  |  Sarah Yergeau  &  Elliot Harmon

2009-2010  |  Monica Rowett  &  Tom Perry

2008-2009  |  Stephen Po-Chedley & Becky Broadwin

Visit the Minerva Fellow website for more information.


Alexis “Biz” Deeb, 2012 Union College Minerva Fellow and author of the above video, returned to New York in May of 2013 after nine months living at Engeye. This is the trailer for a video she is creating about her time in Ddegeya.