Tweshengyereze Immaculate


Immaculate came to Engeye in the summer of 2018 for the opening of the much-anticipated maternity center. Prior to joining the Engeye team, Immaculate was trained at the Karoloi Lwanga School of Nursing and Midwifery and most recently worked at the Asiika Obulamu Medical Center. Her warm, welcoming smile is often the first thing that mothers see when they come in for antenatal or postnatal care. Immaculate cites the positive environment at Engeye for making it a place conducive to quality work. She grew up in Lugazi Village in the Rukungiri District, where she developed a passion for netball. When she is not caring for local mothers and their children, she enjoys watching Indian films, with Uttaran being one of her favorites. She is looking forward to having a child of her own to care for, as she is expecting a daughter in the fall!