Sponsor a Staff Member 2019

Help us support the community of Ddegeya Village by sponsoring one of Engeye’s beloved Ugandan employees!

Your full or partial sponsorship of an employee will provide the staff member with salary support, continued housing, electricity & internet, food & water, and the esteem of knowing that they and their contribution to Engeye are valued and honored.

You may choose the specific employee to sponsor, unless that staff member is already fully sponsored. You will receive a letter during the year from your sponsored staff member, and an annual photo and update from Engeye. You may send letters to your staff member at any time. Opportunities for approved visits to Engeye are always possible!

As a sponsor, you commit to four years of sponsorship at a annual donation level of your choosing from $250, $500, $1000, $1500, $2000, $2500, and the highest level of $3000. Your commitment is to the position, not the individual, so the sponsorship continues if the specific employee for a position changes.

For more info, please contact Heidi Adcock at heidi.adcock@engeye.org.

Our Staff

Meet Engeye’s New Midwives


Beatrice joined the Engeye team in the summer of 2018, coming from the Kwagala Medical Clinic, located in Bugiri. Originally from the Busia District, she graduated in 2016 from the Kampala International University, Western Campus, and is passionate about providing quality care to mothers and their newborns. Beatrice enjoys being able to work as a team at Engeye. She is an asset to the Engeye staff in many ways, as her laugh and smile have the ability to light up any room that she walks into. Beatrice is thankful for the beautiful landscape and the accommodations that Engeye provides for its employees. She enjoys doing chores around the house in her free time and following football, rooting for Chelsea. SPONSOR BEATRICE.


Immaculate came to Engeye in the summer of 2018 for the opening of the much-anticipated maternity center. Prior to joining the Engeye team, Immaculate was trained at the Karoloi Lwanga School of Nursing and Midwifery and most recently worked at the Asiika Obulamu Medical Center. Her warm, welcoming smile is often the first thing that mothers see when they come in for antenatal or postnatal care. Immaculate cites the positive environment at Engeye for making it a place conducive to quality work. She grew up in Lugazi Village in the Rukungiri District, where she developed a passion for netball. When she is not caring for local mothers and their children, she enjoys watching Indian films, with Uttaran being one of her favorites. She is looking forward to having a child of her own to care for, as she is expecting a daughter in the fall!


Clinical Officer/Officer in Charge

Like many of Engeye’s employees, Bridget was volunteering in a hospital when she was referred to and then hired by Engeye. A jack-of-all-trades, when not seeing patients, Bridget is helping out in the pharmacy or the lab. As the Officer in Charge, she represents Engeye at meetings where topics cover everything from how not-for-profit organizations can best work with the government, to administrative workshops, to family planning care. She then acts as a liaison, sharing what she learns with the rest of the Engeye staff, and using the new information to design and implement improved treatment protocols. Bridget loves the flexibility she is afforded with her position at Engeye, and has a passion for interacting with patients. “There is a kind of satisfaction you get seeing a returning patient who is now healthy and satisfied with their healthcare.”  Outside of the clinic, Bridget loves to spend time with her daughter Trinny, as well as her family and friends, listen to music, and dance!  SPONSOR BRIDGET.

Lab Technician

Olivia came to Engeye in 2013, and loves her job. She is a sweet and calm presence in the clinic amongst the boisterous and humorous other employees, but wouldn’t want the Engeye atmosphere to be any different. She loves learning from and visiting with the American teams that volunteer at Engeye, and appreciates the interest they show in the employees. She also very much appreciates the great Mama Jackie cooked lunches the employees enjoy daily. In her free time, Olivia loves to hang out with friends and read—her favorite book is Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette. She aspires to one day attend medical school. SPONSOR OLIVIA.


Mama Jackie is so named because of the Ugandan custom to identify a woman by her children’s names. Jackie is the darling of the clinic. She is the darling of the clinic– smart, very outgoing and assertive when necessary. She has most visitors happily wrapped around her finger within 24 hours of arrival. Mama Jackie does the cooking at the clinic. In a traditionally outdoor Ugandan kitchen, equipped with three charcoal fired burners, she makes lavish and delicious meals. Her favorite meal to cook is pan-fried chicken. At times, especially when teams visit from the US, she may have as many as ten dishes for dinner. She is a culinary genius, and an absolute gem for Engeye. Jackie is now an Engeye Scholar, and attends boarding school down the road in Kinoni. She is at the top of her class, to no one’s surprise. Mama Jackie has high hopes for Jackie to have a good profession when she finishes school.  SPONSOR MAMA JACKIE.

Part-Time Catering

Susan lives in Ddegeya Village and supports Mama Jackie when teams visit the clinic and the workload increases. She was the primary cook when Mama Jackie left for a time in 2008-2011. She is a calm and lovely presence at Engeye. She loves working at Engeye because “it is cool!”. SPONSOR SUSAN.

Lab Technician

Hanifah came to Engeye in February 2019 to work as one of the clinic’s lab technicians. She is originally from Kakira Village in Jinja District, but studied at Kibuli Medical Laboratory Training School and had been volunteering at Kiswa Health Center III in Bugolobi prior to being hired by Engeye. Hanifah enjoys working at Engeye because of the teamwork among clinicians and good ethical practices and her warm personality has helped Engeye care compassionately for its patients. She aspires to become a medical doctor one day and enjoys reading, traveling, and swimming in her free time. She is also the proud mother of a son, Abdurazak Muhammad. SPONSOR HANIFA.


Clinical Officer

Before joining the Engeye team in March 2016, Esther was a volunteer at St. Francis Naggalama Hospital in Mukono. Esther loves seeing the community members at the clinic, following their progress as they recover from illnesses, and making friends. In her free time, she enjoys spending time friends, cracking jokes and playing net ball. Esther hopes to continue her studies to pursue a Bachelors Degree in medicine, surgery and public health. SPONSOR ESTHER.


Clinical Officer

Emma joined the Engeye team in July of 2017, fitting in seamlessly with the friendly environment the clinic provides. Previously, he was volunteering at Malukhu Health Center III in Mbale (eastern UG). He first wanted to be an Astronaut when he ‘grew up’, but eventually pivoted his inquisitiveness and desire for learning into a career in healthcare. Emma’s innate curiosity makes working at the clinic an ideal job for him—he enjoys the challenge of seeing so many different patients through out a single week, and revels in the ability to learn something new each day.  Outside of the clinic, he loves to read and watch films, especially in the science fiction genre. His favorite book is The DaVinci Code.SPONSOR EMMA.


Helen, a Masaka native, started working at Engeye in January 2017. It is her first job after graduating from Kampala International University, Western Campus, where she studied inroad comprehensive nursing. She brings her personable and energetic demeanor to the pharmacy, where she masterfully ensures that all patients receive their medication in a timely manner, throughout the hectic workday. Outside of the clinic, Helen loves to socialize with friends, listen to music, go swimming –especially at Brovad!—and watch football/soccer (she is a Manchester United Supporter)!SPONSOR HELEN.

Grounds and Maintenance

Sula, who is originally from Ddegeya, began working at Engeye in the beginning of 2018. His responsibilities include landscaping and working on other various projects around the Engeye property. He thoroughly enjoys his time here, citing his friends in the local village and Mama Jackie’s cooking as some of the reasons why. When he is not working, Sula likes to spend his free time listening to music and watching movies. He also enjoys rooting for Manchester United as well as the Ugandan National Team, the Cranes. Sula often brightens the day of other Engeye staff members with his light-hearted nature and sense of humor.

Clinical Officer

Dan joined Engeye in August of 2018, bringing a wealth of medical expertise to the Engeye staff. Originally from Mubende District in Central Uganda, Dan is a graduate of the Makerere Institute of Health Sciences. Previously, Dan worked at the Mulajje Health Center in Luweero District and says that the ability to see many patients in a day is the best part about working for Engeye. In his free time, Dan enjoys relaxing, watching movies, and reading books. He is passionate about medicine, citing Tropical Medicine as his favorite book, and aspires to go back to school to study medicine and surgery. Dan is an avid football fan, but breaking with the majority of the Engeye Staff, he supports Arsenal.



IRS Requirements: For ease of reporting and tracking of donations for our organization, your staff sponsorship contribution will be considered a “preferred” donation, and not a “designated” donation. While Engeye will always make every effort to direct your donation to the needs specified, final discretion of how funds are categorized will remain with Engeye, Inc.